If you think a brand campaign, an online activation, a direct mailing and a sampling are impossible to fit into one campaign… think again.

Great campaign for Milka in France. Worth checking out!


Ray-Ban Belgium and DDB Brussels have launched a new campaign that makes creative use of public transportation to communicate Ray-Ban’s wide range of polarized color lenses: from sky blue to hot pink.

In all major Belgian cities, trams have been redesigned into “Ray-Ban Test-Drive Trams” that let you discover the city through different Ray-Ban color lenses.

Tapping into the use of filters on mobile platforms like Instagram, posters inside the tram invite travelers to share their pictures of the city with #nofilterjustrayban.

Discover the full campaign on www.nofilterjustrayban.com

Push to add drama pushed boundaries for all brands across the world and it might seem tempting to come up with other “push the button” advertisements. Fortunately most brands understand that it’s better to come up with something new. Unfortunately Heineken did some weird stunt at an airport, sending people off somewhere “living the moment”, using a button.

I don’t say brands or agencies can’t come up with ideas using a button anymore but this idea has nothing to do with Heineken. Do enjoy the case movie with very “surprised” customers…

Great use of a new medium that everyone knows: pre rolls. And it starts from the insight that everyone skips them. Watch out what happens if you do…

Prevention Suicide needs new suitable volunteers. People that are willing to free 20 hours a month to listen to be a crisis supporter for suicidal people.

Not an easy challenge in an era where we hurry, read diagonally, skip and don’t take time to listen anymore.

One pre roll ad was created for this campaign. Pre roll ads, better knows as the video banners that starts unsolicited before videos on several sites. These pre rolls are very often skipped and that is the insight for this campaign.

The pre roll of 1’20″, in which a woman tells about her problems and worries, gets another end whether you skip or not.

When the viewer decides to skip, the woman stops telling, she looks disappointed and walks to the roof border. In this case the viewer gets an awareness message about “Centre de Prévention du Suicide” that offers a listening ear to people with suicidal thoughts.

If the viewer has the patience to listen to the woman, he or she gets a recruitment message that he could be a suitable volunteer. Those viewers passed a sort of first selection test.