Monthly Archives: September 2011

Procter & Gamble understood that the future of advertising and communication is in customer experience. After the great Febreze Breathe Happy campaign, P&G Nordics is now running “Ariel Fashion Shoot”, an interactive campaign centred on a specially built glass popup installation in Stockholm Central Station, Sweden.

 For one week, 29 August to 3 September, passers-by could watch as clothes were hung on a washing line, only to be soiled by ketchup, drinking chocolate and lingonberry jam. Visitors to Ariel Sweden’s Facebook page (or Denmark, Norway or Finland equivalents) could win clothes by controlling a specially programmed industrial robot cannon. With designer garments as your targets, your challenge is to hit them as they swish in front of the robot at Stockholm Central Station. It´s easy: aim, stain and win. The stained garment will be sent in the post after being washed on-site with regular Ariel Actilift.