Monthly Archives: January 2012

Check this out. Two radio sales houses who want to show that radio has everything to sell stuff. Shapa shows that radio helps you imagine the whole story.

Var ads a twist by pointing out that great songs on paper are worthless but thanks to radio they became hits. I clearly prefer the Var approach.

 36383063-VAR-UK2.preview 36383059-VAR-UK1.preview
Work by LG&F from Belgium and BRR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv.

I’ve always been a great fan of Absolut Vodka. Not only the drink, but also their advertising history. One would think this poster is only made on 1 copy to win prizes but think again… It’s no scam but an artwork by Simon Schubert and depicts a bottle on paper, made only with light and shadow and creates a pure picture thanks to a great folding technique. 

36292943-ABSOLUT-2   36292940-ABSOLUT-PURITY-full-ad

Schubert illustrates the theme of “purity” in dazzling fashion for Absolut and TBWABeing with this Paris bus-shelter ad. The work uses one sheet of paper and shows the vodka brand’s limited-edition multi-sided bottle reflected from every angle. 

Via Adweek.