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This campaign for Aruba Tourism made me think of the Postsecret site. I love the honesty and the simplicity of the idea: nobody is good enough for heaven. Which is true of course, but go to Aruba instead. Clever! A bronze lion winner this year in Cannes.



This campaign made me laugh. It implies that an elderly woman’s attire would soon be available to buy as she was likely to die soon or an old man’s shirt would be in the store in 3 to 6 months. Apparently there was some hassle in the UK when the campaign first came out. It might be a bit morbid but I like the series a lot!


A Cannes 2010 Silver Lion winner by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R London.


Advertising for beer brands is not easy but when it’s well executed and when it’s clever in a masculine kind of way, it can be really good. Numerous examples exist but I would like to share this idea from Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina. 

Great campaigns come from great insights and this campaign is no exception. I’m sure all men have encountered the same ‘problem’: you’re in a bar having a beer with friends and your wife/girlfriend can’t know where you are. To help men come up with credible excuses for their girlfriends Andes Beer invented the Teletransporter. It’s a soundproof booth in which guys can pick a sound effect such as a traffic jam or even a ’spiritual retreat’ when they’re calling base to pretend they’re not at the pub. Brilliant no? 

This campaign won, amongst other prizes, the Grand Prix in Outdoor at the Cannes 2010 festival. Well deserved if you ask me.

BorghiErh/Lowe in Brazil makes a point for Bic pens (sorry) via a trio of amusing low-budget TV commercials that we’re told will “only be shown once.” We’re given the directions to the Holy Grail, the secret formula for the most famous soft drink in the world and every last scrap of personal contact information for a super-sexy model. Not bad at all and highly amusing.  

Via Adfreak. 

Check out this great print ad for Volkswagen Eos by DDB Brussels. It may take 2 minutes to understand, but needless to say I like this a lot! It has the well-known Volkswagen ‘twinkle in the eye’, it’s creative and intelligent. Great work!


Advertising Agency: DDB Brussels
Title: Umbrella
CD: Peter Aerts
Copywriter: François Massinon
Art Director: Massimo De Pascale
Account Team: Sylvie De Couvreur, Miguel Aguza
Medium: magazine campaign

Everyone knows the great series of advertising clips for Centraal Beheer. After all these years they still manage to come up with nice ideas. That’s the proof the line “Even Apeldoorn bellen” still works and will keep on working for some time.

The Mouse ad was created by DDB Amsterdam by art directors Ruben Sonneveld and Daniel Snelders, copywriters Niels de Wit and Robert van der Lans.

Filming was shot by director Jeroen Annokkeé via Czar, Amsterdam.

Via The Inspiration Room.