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Who would not get a headache of the boss’s jokes or the boyfriend of your teenage daughter? Nice print by AlmapBBDO / São Paulo which recently got rewarded with a bronze at the One Show.


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Who doesn’t like an ad loaded with hot chicks? And even better, who doesn’t like an ad loaded with hot chicks where one of them is topless?

 Sex sells and Layconsa Pens understood that very well. They came up with and ad that works a bit like the Where’s Waldo books. Instead of a geeky guy, you have to look for the hot topless lady and, even better, she’s already highlighted.

Excellent work by Mayo Draft FCB, Peru and a great way to integrate a product which has nothing to do into a visual loaded with hot women.

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Audi Canada is rewriting the world’s most interesting films in less than 140 characters to promote the 2010 Audi A3 TDI. The site, online at, takes well known films and reduces their plots to the size of a Twitter entry. Examples so far include Airplane (An ex-pilot with a drinking problem gets on a plane. The crew falls ill. Surely he can land it. But don’t call him Shirley.), Avatar (Avatar Humans try to obtain Unobtainium. Unsurprisingly, they don’t get any.), Brokeback Mountain (Cowboys ride each other rather than horses.) The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy learns why girls love shoes.) and Groundhog Day (Bill Murray wakes up. Bill Murray wakes up. Bill Murray wakes up. Bill Murray wakes up.).

This is a really fun and interesting concept, but for me it has a serious Volkswagen Fox “Short but fun” side to it…


Nissan is all about Challenge. They launched an integrated campaign which proves the reliability of their cars to consumers a while ago. But when seeing the TV spot, you must admit they took the challenge of proving that the Nissan Qashqai is strong quite literally…


You all remember the Sony Bravia ad, with thousands of balls coming down the streets of San Francisco. It was memorable, not only for the visually beautiful images but also the music became world famous.

TBWA and Nissan created a sort of spoof ad from the Sony Bravia. The difference might be on the music, or on the type of balls they used…  So for absolute proof that the car you are looking for is the best designed, best built, safest for you and your family, look no further. Here is where they prove it to you.