Sure everyone by now know the great Dumb Ways to Die campaign by McCann Melbourne by now. But have you seen the case movie?


I just love this campaign for WWF. It’s simple, surprising and focusses on the real problem.
Great work from BBDO Düsseldorf and a deserved Grand Prix at Cannes 2013.

This one is from last year but every time I see the idea I get goosebumps. Discover how advertising can be more than views, shares and viral potential. How a simple idea can save people, for real and not in a “oh my god, let us save you from dying of thirst with our brand new soda or beer” kinda way.

Winner of the Grand Prix for Good in Cannes last year. Curious to see this year’s cases…


Agency: Droga 5, New York.


Since the Statue of Liberty was gifted to Americans in the 1800s, not much about her has changed… until now. Today, with the help of celebrated Belgian artist Arne Quinze, a colossal 200ft digital sculpture will emerge from her flame torch to launch the world’s biggest cultural commissioning program: The Green Box Project by Beck’s.

The Green Boxes will form the world’s first Augmented Reality Gallery and in turn inspire creatives the world over to submit their own ideas for the project. It’s a massive bringing together of like-minds to raise awareness for the Beck’s art fund – Beck’s will commission a thousand green boxes conceived by members of the public over the next year, giving support to all artists and continuing to lead as a champion for independent thought.

Available for download on iTunes for iPhone, iPad and Android devices from today onwards, you’ll be able to look at any of the Green Boxes through your smart phones to reveal the unique content contained within it.

Surf at work without being caught with Volkswagen Side Assist Office. That’s the idea to explain what Side Assist exactely is. It’s in fact a Volkswagen assistance system, that warns the driver if a vehicle is approaching from behind.

Translated to an online tool it works as an alarm when an employee is surfing at work. The Side Assist Office scans the area behind his back with the webcam. If the boss suddenly shows up behind him, a business chart appears on the screen that makes him look busy. A funny app that won’t sell one more car with Side Assist but which explains what it is. And that’s also an achievement…

Made by The Shack GmbH, Hamburg


Nice. I really like this packaging idea. The explanation board is a bit clumsy with phrases like ‘Because tomato sauce is the leading culprit of stains in Brazilian households…’, but I adore ideas that go further than the standard print or TV campaign. Why don’t they just admit they had this great idea for a ketchup packaging, they really liked it and looked for a client who was willing to execute it?

Agency: DPZ Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil

Via Ads of the World.