After having set new standards in the viral movie world with Push to Add Drama, Duval Guillaume Modem now gives us 4 excellent print ads showing what happens when TNT could add drama to some daily situations like camping, a wedding, a funeral or a child sleeping.


Nice idea and excellent realization by Nadav Kander. Will surely grab the attention of the Cannes jury…


The Cannes Lions Festival deadline is approaching so I guess we’ll be seeing some nice campaigns in the following days. Everyone wants to showcase their latest pearls just in time for the Festival.

Have a look at this print series for Guinness by BBDO Proximity Singapore. I love the work on the illustrations but I doesn’t have the punch and greatness of the Samsonite Heaven and Hell campaign of last year. I won’t be putting my money on this campaign.


Looks like we have ourselves a new Joe la Pompe idea. Junkers in Chile is running “Coldproof Mornings”, a print advertising campaign showing a man and a woman standing in a shower with coloured knitted tops streaming out of the shower hose.  

47631690-junkers-coldproof-man 47631688-junkers-coldproof-woman

Nice visuals but not very original. TBWA Belgium made this great TV commercial over three years ago for natural gas. It shows warmth spread through the house as knitted wool. Judge for yourself…

Nice print campaign for Dettol anti-bacterial soap. It shows litteraly where hands could have been and what kind of ‘dirt’ you can get on your own hands. Nice execution, fun idea but I’m missing something. It’s maybe a bit too easy, or maybe it’s the execution which I don’t especially like.

46687984-huron_aotw 46687976-dildo_aotw

Agency: Havas Worldwide, Santiago, Chile.

Via AdsoftheWorld.

It’s been one busy year. That’s no excuse for not continuing my blog so for 2013, let’s continue where we left off: with good advertising.

Let’s start with a very appropriate campaign by Mapfre, an insurance company in Spain. “Life passes by faster than you think”, a headline and visuals who appeal to men and women in their thirtysomething, just like me. It makes you think, just as good advertising should do. The campaign won a Gold in print at the Epica Awards.

46634483-mapfre_playstation 46634482-mapfre_toy_story

Agency: Zapping/M&CSaatchi

Via The Inspiration Room.

Check this out. Two radio sales houses who want to show that radio has everything to sell stuff. Shapa shows that radio helps you imagine the whole story.

Var ads a twist by pointing out that great songs on paper are worthless but thanks to radio they became hits. I clearly prefer the Var approach.

 36383063-VAR-UK2.preview 36383059-VAR-UK1.preview
Work by LG&F from Belgium and BRR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv.