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Finally an approach to safe driving I think young people will relate to. We all know the horrible stories about traffic victims, drunk driving and other shock therapy campaigns. Youngsters have seen it all so this approach is in my opinion much more effective for the target group. Talking about “social death” instead of “physical death” is a fresh approach by The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) of Australia which deserves credit.
MAC0534_LoseYourLicence_AdShells_Superlites.pdf MAC0534_LoseYourLicence_AdShells_Superlites.pdf
Also check out one of the clips of the TV campaign.



Nice work Clemenger BBDO Adelaide.
Good ideas don’t need a lot of explanation. The Febreze Experiment is just a great way to show the strenght of the product in a funny and clever way. The campaign by Grey New York was awarded several Lions in Cannes this year. Without any doubt well-deserved. 


Since the Statue of Liberty was gifted to Americans in the 1800s, not much about her has changed… until now. Today, with the help of celebrated Belgian artist Arne Quinze, a colossal 200ft digital sculpture will emerge from her flame torch to launch the world’s biggest cultural commissioning program: The Green Box Project by Beck’s.

The Green Boxes will form the world’s first Augmented Reality Gallery and in turn inspire creatives the world over to submit their own ideas for the project. It’s a massive bringing together of like-minds to raise awareness for the Beck’s art fund – Beck’s will commission a thousand green boxes conceived by members of the public over the next year, giving support to all artists and continuing to lead as a champion for independent thought.

Available for download on iTunes for iPhone, iPad and Android devices from today onwards, you’ll be able to look at any of the Green Boxes through your smart phones to reveal the unique content contained within it.

Another nice campaign I saw in Cannes, this time for Tabcin Cough Medicine by Y&R Buenos Aires, Argentina. It shows how coughing can ruin a concert, a tennis match and an orchestral performance.
“The discomfort is not only yours” is the line that links the strange visual with the product and explains the idea. Like every brilliant ad it looks so simple and straightforward but I can only say that this deserves its Gold Lion!
28730210-tabcin_tennis_match 28730208-tabcin_orchestra