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Bud is returning to its frat-boy roots with a new viral web video ad for Bud Light Lime. The video shows a host of consumers, including a bikini-clad girl, talking about “getting it in the can.”

“I never thought I’d enjoy getting it in the can as much as I do,” says a housewife in the spot. The video, which already has tongues wagging on Madison Avenue, uses a smutty play on words to get its message across that Bud Light Lime now comes in a can. So far,  reaction to the ad has been mixed.

Trade publication Ad Age calls the spot “Juvenile” while BrandFreak, a blog owned by ad industry trade magazine Brandweek, says the video is the “best thing Bud Light has done in a while.” The spot was created by Omnicom Group’s DDB Chicago.

Perso I like it very much. It gets people to talk about it and it’s relevant humour, a beer commercial as it should be. Nice work Bud and DDB Chicago!

Via Speakeasy.


I know a lot of people say it’s hard to find a clever copywriting campaign. I agree, but this campaign is a winner! DDB Paris proves it’s possible to turn a “packshot” briefing into a strong and award winning campaign.

Product : Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Agency : DDB Paris
Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Head of Art: Marine Rolland
Art Director: Patrice Dumas
Copywriter: Aurélie Scalabre


JBS underwear may have been around as a brand since the 1940’s but they stayed modern and fresh thanks to their “Because men don’t want to look at other naked men” campaign. I really like the insight because, as like any great strategy, you can relate and say it’s “obvious”. Nothing more difficult though… 

I prefer the first three ads. Not only because they were first and thus new as an insight, but also because they portret neutral and male situations. The more recent ones are just (very) nice photographs, but lack freshness. Maybe it’s time to change their campaign? We don’t want the idea to be worn-out, no pun intended. 

Advertising agency: &Co, Denmark


Google is teaming up with board game maker Hasbro to launch a Google Maps version of Monopoly. Monopoly City Streets, which launched Wednesday, allows users to compete in a live, worldwide version of the popular game, creating the biggest Monopoly tournament ever played.

Or, how to turn a traditional product into a genuine online game experience. The official kick off will in October. It will run for four months, ending in January of 2010.

Credits to Tribal DDB London. Nice work! Too bad the game’s website is getting hammered and is unavailable. No doubt there is a mad cyber-rush on for all those great cyber-properties.

Via Creativity Online.


I really like this campaign for Davidoff cigars where three guys look like they have an orgasm. There’s a really good idea behind these print ads. Smoking a cigar is a sort of a ritual. You ‘taste’ the aroma through the smoke which is shown beautifully in the photos. They grab your attention and get you to read the ad.

Art Director: Marta Ibarrondo
Copywriter: Ted Sabarese
Photographer: Ted Sabarese

Via Adfreak.