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Think great direct mail campaigns are gone? Check out this new promotion for Mont Blanc pens. It’s just brilliant! The power of words in action. I’m speechless so I took the post of the Brandflakes for Breakfast blog.

Blogger Sarryl Orht received the mysterious letter below in a handwritten envelope marked “airmail” on the outside. Upon opening, he read the first line “I am Barister Buba, nephew of the former President of Nigeria…” You know how the rest of the letter went, as you’ve received countless emails with the same text.

His first reaction was to shout out to his workmates “OMG, check out this Nigerian spam I just got…in the mail.” And then he noticed a hand-written P.S. at the bottom of the letter:

Let’s face it, even a letter from an obvious fraudster seems quite authentic when it’s beautifully written by hand.

Mont Blanc – Rediscover the power of the written word.


Awesome. On paper. With pen. Beautiful. I’m speechless, great work !

Via Brandflakes for Breakfast.


Check out this new campaign by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco for AIDES, the French HIV/AIDS prevention non-profit organization. Nice idea to promote safe sex, awareness and behavioral changes and a killer execution by London illustrator Rod Hunt.

Rod’s Sex Theme Park map has the tagline “The safer you play, the longer you stay” & takes a humorous & revealing approach to the world of human sexuality & safe sex.


Create a “Playworld” for Durex was also the idea McCann Brussels had in 2005 when I worked on the budget. A little Joe La Pompe, not intentionally but the proof that everything (or nearly everything) has been done before and it’s really hard to come up with new and fresh ideas. Especially for organizations and products like this.


Via The Inspiration Room.


After the huge economical crisis a few years ago everyone in the finance sector tried to add as much emotions as possible in their communication. This must put people confident to trust bankers again. I know it’s silly but that’s just how people think…

Look at this example and try not to be moved. It’s a pretty inspiring Taiwanese commercial by TC Bank, which is based on real life story of a group of old men, with an average age of 81, who travelled around Taiwan on motorbike in 2007. The images are in fact took from  the documentary “Go Grandriders”, which explains the quality of the clip.

The super at the end says: “For ordinary people with extraordinary dreams”. I think it’s a bit cheesy and cheap to try to link a bank to this great story. But I know how it works so maybe I have to say brilliant instead of cheap…