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The POWA ‘Neighborhood Experiment’ PSA in South Africa is a powerful and disturbing one. The ad begins with a man playing drums in his home late at night. Of course, he gets several complaints from neighbors claiming that the noise is too loud.

The following night the same man turns on his laptop and plays a prerecorded track of a couple having an argument, and of a woman later getting beaten. Guess how many complaints he got… I love it when advertising or communication shows the small sides of people.

Strong idea but did it help POWA raise awareness in South Africa?

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As I already said several times. A good creation can only be made if there’s a clever insight in the strategy. The ugly ID snapshots are just soooo true!

Problem: Make women look beautiful in ID snapshots. Around the world ID snapshot tend to be ugly. For this reason showing documents and ID photos is always embarrassing. Especially for women, who despite all their vanity must cope with this problem.

Solution: Koleston, a brand of beauty that is concerned about women’s self esteem, did what no other brand has ever done. The action began on Internationall Women’s Week. In front of a central document agency in the city of São Paulo, the Koleston Spot for Beauty was built, a mix of beauty parlor and photographic studio. There, women went through a session of beauty, including hair and makeup and then they were photographed by a professional. Immediately the picture was printed so that they could get a new ID. It was also sent by e-mail for use on Facebook, Orkut, Twitter.

Result: The ID snapshot, which for years was a source of shame, has now become a source of pride. The action had the participation of more than 2000 women and it stimulated the renewal of IDs and drew media attention. It was news on TV stations all over Brazil, in newspapers, the Internet and it spread through social networks leading to a great number of comments in Twitter.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, São Paulo, Brazil

 Check out the video too.