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Interesting social media campaign by Sloggi, the underwear brand.

They wanted to target young people with a new catalogue. Instead of doing a traditional boring catalogue they did a buzz on Facebook. Nothing new you might say, well here’s how they exactly did it…

Someone opened a Facebook page and claimed that he had found a camera at Israel’s main airport and wanted to give it back to its owner. So he posted the pictures and asked people if they recognized any of the persons on it. And what a coincidence, all the girls on the pictures were beautiful young models wearing Sloggi underwear!

What did we learn? Well, a good idea works wonders but if you tickle people’s curiosity it works even better. Especially when there are beautiful women involved…


Advertising Agency: Yehoshua TBWA, Israel

Via Buzzilablog.  


I won’t make a habit out of this because Joe La Pompe does a much better job, but check out this copy/paste campaign Audi did recently.

OVK is a Belgian non-profit organization that brings together parents of child road victims. With this campaign for OVK Happiness Brussels sought to sensibilize parents, teachers and drivers to watch out and drive carefully. Because children at play have their own way of looking at the road.


I understand why an organization like OVK does a campaign like that. What I don’t understand is why Audi and DDB Barcelona did a campaign like this. They have to sell cars and even if they support road safety, try to do it better. Oh yeah, maybe it was to please themselves in the hope to win an award. I don’t think that will happen any time soon…