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“Pedophiles hide the truth. Help us find it. We need your help to find the more than 40 million children abused each year”. This could have been an ad for the Catholic church but it’s a campaign for Unicef Chile to demonstrate the hidden nature of pedophile activity.

This campaign got my attention because we just had a pedophile scandal here in Belgium. I doubt the bishop of Bruges used a computer but his hidden nature was undoubtedly present.  

Strong work by Ogilvy & Mather, Santiago.

Via The Inspiration Room. 



East Coast Trains in the UK are promoting their “Miniature Price tickets, cutting their cheapest fares by up to 23 per cent, with a television, print and online advertising campaign. The new campaign promotes East Coast’s low fares along the East Coast Main Line, featuring key destinations along the route such as London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds and York.

This campaign makes me think about the Eurostar campaign where the motto is almost “harder, better, stronger, faster”. Which one has the highest impact? I’m pretty sure people noticed the Eurostar campaign more. Impact is a funny thing, you have to play in the right emotional register and have to have a clear message. 


The outdoor ambient angle to the Miniature Prices campaign involved placing miniature poster sites around London, featuring small dioramas and tiny to-scale artwork in the posters, placed on the pavement for people to discover. The ambient for Eurostar was a bit, let’s say, different. Huge visuals of the “London Around the Corner” campaign or remember Prince Charles hanging on a building in Brussels.


Ok, I’m comparing two completely different products and two completely different media budgets (although?), but impact can be generated in lots of different ways. I don’t say one is better than the other, I just prefer the latter.

Via The Inspiration Room. Check out the rest of the campaign as well!



The ad reads : “Get her back. Fowin. Sexual efficiency ring.”

I’m sorry, maybe it’s because it’s April’s fool day but this gets me laughing. It’s hard to come up with new stuff for condoms or sex toys but I think the guys of McCann Bangkok succeeded.

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Thidarat Nitikijphaiboon
Art Director: Wutthinun Jundafai
Copywriter: Thidarat Nitikijphaiboon 

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