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This is the winner of AdFreak’s Freakiest Top 30 Commercial: Pfizer. Go check out the site and ‘enjoy’ the other freaky campaigns done in 2009.


This guy who works at Taco Bell is just great. Without even knowing it, he helped create the image of Taco Bell as a service minded company.

The clip was helped made popular on YouTube by online seeding specialist the Feed Company (great peeps to use if you want your online video clip to get popular). The ad asks that if you write about it to please link back to a Mountain Dew/Taco Bell site, done.

Diesel, the international jeans brand, is launching “Be Stupid“, a campaign that encourages consumers to take risks and move beyond the smart and sensible track for life. The campaign, developed at Anomaly London, includes online, press and outdoor advertisements featuring “stupid” acts, a digital recruitment campaign for the Diesel music video/2010 catalogue, and viral activity outlining the company’s Stupid philosophy.


I don’t think the virals are all that great. Send over your ideas has been done a thousand times and is maybe just a bit too… stupid. I do like the general concept and the prints. “Stupid might fail, smart doesn’t even try”, that is just so true and a wake-up call for all those dreamers out there. Go and follow your crazy ideas!

Via The Inspiration Room.

Check out all the remaining prints on Ads of the World.

I know Jung von Matt has a track record of really nice campaigns, but this is maybe a bit too much, no? I’m a bit confused. No way this can be true. Or is it?  

In a bid to promote rentals of their convertible car fleet, German car rental firm Sixt decided to bring some much needed sunshine to the soggy citizens of Halle. Using technology pioneered at the Beijing Olympics, the ever present rain clouds were dispersed and Halle’s motorists donned their shades and took to the streets in rented cabriolets.

In a technique called ‘cloud seeding’, silver iodide can be released into cloud formations and cause the clouds to increase precipitation and therefore quickly dissipate. This technique is widely practiced to clear foggy skies surrounding airports.

Sixt has a strong track record of innovative campaigns, animated URL bars and ASCII art on Google searches. Continuing their style of humorous creatives, this short film presents Lieutenant Colonel Sandro Wolf of Fighter Bomber Wing 37 as a man on a mission against the inclement weather. During July 2009, armed with his missiles of silver iodide, the Lieutenant took to the skies 109 times and dispatched any threatening rain clouds.

I’m sure nearby cities were pleased with the extra rain during summer :-)

Agency : Jung von Matt

Via Cream.

The Fun Theory a simple, disarming idea that is much more than an ordinary campaign; it’s a social experiment that invites the whole world to help make our planet a better place.

This campaign was born from the union of a product insight and a consumer insight. Volkswagen’s BlueMotionTechnologies are simply more fun to drive than most green cars. But instead talking about the cars, DDB Stockholm chose to talk about the concept of fun and its power to change human behaviour for the better. They called it The Fun Theory.

Instead of ads, experiments were created to test the theory and were shared on The Fun Theory blog. They were quickly picked up by blogs, forums and the media worldwide – both online and offline. The viral video “Piano Stairs” hit 3.3 million views on YouTube in less than two weeks and went on to have more blog posts and Twitter mentions than any other viral video ever posted.

Why am I posting this? First of all because it’s a great campaign, but secondly I’m sure this campaign will win several international creative prizes in 2010 so it was bound to end up here anyway.

Agency: DDB and Tribal DDB Stockholm, October 2009

Via DDBconnect and Creativity Online.

I can speak from experience that briefings for the Golf are really hard. Each time it has to include words like economical, ecological, efficiency and design. And each time creatives struggle to find the right angle that hasn’t been done before. Below a nice example of a campaign with the right angle, the right tone of voice and the right execution.


Agency: Agence V, Paris, France
Creative Director: Christian Vince
Art Director: Guillaume Meriaux
Copywriter: Adrien Plouard
Photographer: Olivier Borst

To support the launch of their new (and really cool too!) French Art of Loving website, Aubade teased a few bloggers to death and invited them to a saucy event in Central Paris. This new interactive website enables all Aubade admirers to gather and share, joyful experiences of love and voluptuous pleasures.


The agency behind this campaign firstly tipped off the bloggers with this saucy video. The bloggers who wrote about the video where then Facebook befriended by the person who originally posted the video on YouTube and invited them to a ‘let’s see if the sexy lady strips off again tonight’ Tweet up in Central Paris.

This is what happened on the night:

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