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Clever campaign by Microsoft to relaunch their Internet Explorer. By tapping into the world of the people who grew up with Microsoft as main computer and software supplier, Mac was just for the creative few at that time, they hope to regain a part of that audience.

And, let’s admit, everyone who’s a child of the 90s at least smiles once or twice when seeing this clip. If it’s enough to let them switch to Microsoft again is another question but at least Microsoft is slowly working on its sympathy. And if they continue like this, Apple should watch out.

Agency: Column Five, Los Angeles


Nice print campaign for Dettol anti-bacterial soap. It shows litteraly where hands could have been and what kind of ‘dirt’ you can get on your own hands. Nice execution, fun idea but I’m missing something. It’s maybe a bit too easy, or maybe it’s the execution which I don’t especially like.

46687984-huron_aotw 46687976-dildo_aotw

Agency: Havas Worldwide, Santiago, Chile.

Via AdsoftheWorld.

It’s been one busy year. That’s no excuse for not continuing my blog so for 2013, let’s continue where we left off: with good advertising.

Let’s start with a very appropriate campaign by Mapfre, an insurance company in Spain. “Life passes by faster than you think”, a headline and visuals who appeal to men and women in their thirtysomething, just like me. It makes you think, just as good advertising should do. The campaign won a Gold in print at the Epica Awards.

46634483-mapfre_playstation 46634482-mapfre_toy_story

Agency: Zapping/M&CSaatchi

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