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No comment, just brilliant! 

“If one pixel can tell you a story, imagine what millions can.” Suraj Electronics.


Advertising Agency: JWT, New Delhi, India
Creative Director: Soumitra Karnik
Art Director: Kunal Gaur
Copywriter: Sachin Das Burma

Via Geekiz.


Old Spice, a male grooming brand from P&G, just launched a new video with focus on women. Instead of telling men how to smell, Old Spice tells women how their man could smell like. Or as they claim: We’re not saying this body wash will make your man smell into a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it.

Ok, I don’t personally know the brand or its positioning but I have the distinct feeling they want to change the brand’s perception and create a saga much like the Axe/Lynx commercials and if that was the intention, they failed. It’s a nice commercial, it’s even quite funny but it stays… well… old. But hey, it grabbed my attention, so for that, they deserve credit.


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy.

An ad for chewing gum? Easy! Well, think again, there are no such things as easy briefings. Chewing gum is bubbly, sticky, tastes good, lasts longer, is sweet, has 20 different colors or has a refreshing taste. What will it be and how execute it into a creative print?

Below you can discover two excellent executions for bubble gum: the new campaign for Big Babol by McCann India and the much awarded Big Bazooka Bubble Gum print by Duval Guillaume Brussels.


Where Big Babol uses gum as sticky and stretched, Bazooka uses it as soft and bubbly. Two completely different approaches and two very fine visuals. This said, I slightly prefer the Big Babol chewing gum ads. They turned something negative (chewing gum sticks to your feet) into an excellent visual idea and executed it as it should be.

Via I Believe in Advertising.

By now I’m sure you noticed I like simple and clever advertising. Check out this campaign for Polo mints. Not the best idea in the world but good enough to grab my attention.



Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Executive Creative Director: Chafic Haddad & Russell Heubach

Art Director: Husen Baba

Copywriter: Zahir Mirza

Illustrator: Xavier Cacho


Via I Believe in advertising.

I’m sure everyone has seen the new Volkswagen spot that aired during Super Bowl XLIV: “the Punch Dub”. It was designed to increase model awareness and familiarity by reminding consumers of all the Volkswagens on the road. Intelligent insight, great idea, nicely executed, a cool online campaign, great acting and a very catchy song by Grizzly Bear.

When I first saw the “Punch Dub” clip I was convinced I already heard the song somewhere. Thanks to Shazam and a little search on the internet I tracked the soundtrack back to where I first heard it: a Peugeot clip for their 5008 model which was aired all over Europe! I’m afraid the agency, Deutsch LA and the production company, Moxie Pictures, overlooked this! Auwch, what a way to start as Deutsch LA was only appointed recently the Volkswagen of America account.

Check out the Punch Dub clip and be sure to listen closely to the Peugeot 5008 clip.

This is the original clip of the Two Weeks song by Grizzly Bear.