Sandro Wolf of Sixt

I know Jung von Matt has a track record of really nice campaigns, but this is maybe a bit too much, no? I’m a bit confused. No way this can be true. Or is it?  

In a bid to promote rentals of their convertible car fleet, German car rental firm Sixt decided to bring some much needed sunshine to the soggy citizens of Halle. Using technology pioneered at the Beijing Olympics, the ever present rain clouds were dispersed and Halle’s motorists donned their shades and took to the streets in rented cabriolets.

In a technique called ‘cloud seeding’, silver iodide can be released into cloud formations and cause the clouds to increase precipitation and therefore quickly dissipate. This technique is widely practiced to clear foggy skies surrounding airports.

Sixt has a strong track record of innovative campaigns, animated URL bars and ASCII art on Google searches. Continuing their style of humorous creatives, this short film presents Lieutenant Colonel Sandro Wolf of Fighter Bomber Wing 37 as a man on a mission against the inclement weather. During July 2009, armed with his missiles of silver iodide, the Lieutenant took to the skies 109 times and dispatched any threatening rain clouds.

I’m sure nearby cities were pleased with the extra rain during summer :-)

Agency : Jung von Matt

Via Cream.


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